Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Copperside Athletics Kinesio Tape

I recently injured my wrist and was happy to be able to get a chance to review this kinesio tape. I spoke with the physical therapist I am working with and she showed me how to use the tape to create a wrap/application that will properly support my wrist. I recommend that if you have an injury and that is what you are using this tape for, to speak to a medical provider or physical therapist so that you can also learn how to properly support yourself using the tape. I like the fact that this tape is waterproof and that makes it easier to wear for a longer period of time (therefore getting you more support). It has the right amount of thickness, right amount of strength in the tape and yet it is flexible enough to not make you feel stiff or like you don't have a good range of motion. I would definitely recommend this tape to anyone recovering from an injury or anyone looking for a bit of extra support for their muscles and joints. I received this product in exchange for my honest review. 

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  1. This is the owner of Copperside Athletics. Thank you Robynne for your kind words and encouragement. I would like to encourage any of Robynnes fans collect a special discount. She was shy to bring it up, but if you use the coupon code O9VJR3KM You will get 30% off of..... Now check it out here because we have 11 colors *Black Single Roll* our Kinesiology tape. The link is here

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