Sunday, August 9, 2015

FootWhere Keepsake Magnet

The FootWhere Magnets are a cute little keepsake to help you remember your travels and the destinations you have been to. You are really getting to keep a little piece of whatever place you visited. The magnet that I received to review is from Atlanta and I have actually been to Atlanta before, so that was neat! Also, on the back of the magnet there is a little sticker that will actually tell you where the dirt on the inside of the magnet came from. For example mine says: "Foot cavity contains genuine Georgia clay of Atlanta, site of the centennial Olympic Games." 

I just feel that this is such an interesting way to remember the places you have been. You could quite honestly create a collection containing little pieces of the world. For those people who travel, I think this would be a great little keepsake. The company also offers other products besides just magnets, but the magnet makes the most sense, for my uses. I would definitely recommend this product. I received this product in exchange for my honest review. 

You can purchase your own keepsake by clicking HERE

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